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More than half a century of combined experience, the firm has been serving the Four Corners for 16 years and comprises diverse experience and knowledge including a former elected District Attorney and a head Public Defender. Being the largest law firm in San Juan County, the attorneys and staff are compassionate and aggressive. The firm is experienced in high profile trials, multi-million-dollar litigations, transactions as high as 64 million, and will likely have an attorney who practices in the area of law you need representation. Se habla Español.

Based in Farmington, NM.

Satellite Office in Durango, CO.

Serving all of Colorado & New Mexico.

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You can send us the details of your case and we will give you an honest evaluation… for FREE. We will contact you to within two business days, and let you know if we believe that you could benefit from our services. Please use the contact form to submit your case details.

Things happen in life… when certain events occur many people are at a loss about what to do, or who they can turn to for help. Everyone feels the need to rise above the difficulties in their lives. Has something happened to you, and you’ve wondered whether you may need the help of an attorney?

Areas of Practice

Injury Law

Working with an accident attorney can help resolve your accident case faster, with less stress and anxiety. In most cases, the attorneys at Tucker, Yoder & Associates are able to negotiate a substantial reduction in Medical Bills at no additional charge to the client. Send us your case information using the short form on the left side of this page, and we will give you a FREE case evaluation, with no obligation.

Employment Law

We offer services in non-compete agreements, non-disclosure agreements, employment agreements, workers compensation, wrongful termination, discrimination, hostile environment, retaliation, and sexual harassment. Please contact us for a FREE case evaluation.

Domestic Relations

The types of cases that fall under this category include Divorce, Separation, Child Custody, etc. If you are in need of an attorney to assist you with this type of case, you should know that Domestic Relations law varies widely from state to state, so be sure that the one you choose has experience with your state’s laws. Tucker, Yoder & Associates attorneys are well-versed in the local laws, and are highly qualified to assist you with your case.

Criminal Defense

Criminal law deals with Federal, State and local laws that define illegal conduct and provide safeguards for persons accused of breaking criminal laws, including the right to have a lawyer, to have a fair trial, and for guilt to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. If you or a loved one are in need of an attorney to help with a defense in a criminal action, please contact us by sending for a FREE Case Evaluation.

Real Estate Law

Whether you are buying or selling property, refinancing your home, or are involved in a dispute regarding real estate, you should know that laws dealing with property rights vary greatly from state to state. While not every transaction involving real estate requires an attorney, it may be to your advantage to discuss your situation with an experienced real estate lawyer to ensure that your wishes and your interest are being properly handled.

Commercial Law

Tucker, Yoder & Associates can assist you with creating a corporation, limited liability company, partnership or other business entity, depending on your business plan. Often there are tax advantages in creating a certain type of entity for the business you are in, and our attorneys can help you navigate the questions and options that arise when making these decisions.

Social Security Disability

Tucker, Yoder & Associates has vast experience handling Social Security Disability claims and we work hard to help you get the benefits you need and are entitled to recieve. Contact our firm today to receive legal counsel and representation in your Social Security Disability claim.

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