Criminal Defense

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Our Criminal Defense Lawyers deal with Federal, State and local laws that define illegal conduct and provide safeguards for persons accused of breaking criminal laws, including the right to have a lawyer, to have a fair trial, and for guilt to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Criminal convictions have long-term consequences, and anyone who has been charged with a crime worries about jail time, and possible punishments and penalties. Criminal charges are serious, and even with a first offense, a person charged with a crime may be facing consequences that can affect their lives permanently.

While not all crimes warrant the expense of a criminal defense lawyer, in general, most criminal charges are best handled by an attorney. An experienced criminal attorney is familiar with court proceedings and will recognize possible defenses based on the particular facts of a criminal case. In some circumstances, a good criminal attorney may be able to get charges reduced, or even dismissed. This can happen when there is not enough evidence for a conviction or to support a criminal prosecution.

An experienced criminal attorney will review the more technical aspects of a case, such as how evidence was seized, the details of a search or arrest by law enforcement agents, etc. There are many technical requirements and procedures for how these things are handled, and many ways to proceed to defend a client in the most effective way according to the details of the case.

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